Corporate & event catering - Barn Hall - Main St Room - prop rental 

The Barn: Breathe in the sweet scents of fresh country air. Relax as you take a walk through a welcoming hay field.  Marvel at the architecture that craftsmen left behind.Experience something quite out of the ordinary yet somehow easily reachable.

It's about setting just the right mood - with just the right piece, placed just right. Offering for rent: vases, vintage & rustic props, interesting focal pieces suitable for events or photo shoots.

Our menu selections will delight the eye and the palette. Dinner and Lunch available at our venue or the venue of your choice.  We also specialize in corporate or private event drop off catering.

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Bulk Flowers

A garden at your fingertips. You have the vision and want to personally design your wedding flowers.  All you're missing is the flowers & that's where we come in. We offer a bulk flower order service. You can provide your own vases or rent ours & design on site.

Style combined with the simplicity of being provided a service that fits your schedule. Fittings can be done at our venue or your home. When the night's over, leave your tuxedos with us, it's that simple.